The angels Elvira, Uriel and Mandy – the first one upstage like a diva, the second rather chubby and cheeky and the third dressed in 70’s style – once again fooled around in heaven. Now they’re on earth to do good. The more people they can find to help them, the earlier they get their place in heaven back again. Therefore they gather passersby/pedestrians to sing Christmas songs, recite poems or make some nice little shows. Sure enough/of course they also play the fiddle and some fanfares and give their best that people start to shine from the inside. Hosanna.

Engel Weihnachten
Engel Stelzen
Engel Hochkant
Engel Walk Act
Engel Stelzenlaeufer
Engel Weihnachtsmarkt
Angel Christmas
Angel Stilts
Drei Engel
Engel Kaufhaus
Engel Musik
Engel Stelzen
Engel Walkact
Kuenstler Engel
Musizierende Engel
Singender Engel
Stelzen Engel
Stelzenlaeufer Engel
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