On four legs this lizard-like animal crawls towards you. On the first sight it might seem a little bit weird, but after a short time you will notice that it’s a tame and kind animal. At dark its neck starts to glow and changes its color permanently. That means you can always find the basilisk, wherever it is. Feeding? Allowed!

Stelzenläufer Feuerwerkswettbewerb
Stelzen Hildesheim
Tierisch Stelzenlaeufer
Amphibian Stilts
Stelzenlaeufer Echse
Basilisk Stelzen
Amphibie Stelzenlaeufer
Basilisk Stilts
Basilisk Stiltwalker
Saurian Stilts
Stiltwalker Amphibian
Stelzen Mittelalter
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