Brightly shining: the seven chameleons. While the smaller ones meander nimbly through the people, the larger ones trot comfortably behind. Always keeping an eye on the babies, who run around curiously.
In the process, they keep changing colors and patterns. In response to each other and their environment, they are in constant transformation with each other.
new in program: a 7 minute long light programmed show for 5 to 7 chameleons (see film 1)

Chameleons Stiltwalker
Bremen Stelzenlaeufer
Trampolo Chameleons
Stilts With Light
Stilt Walkact Led
Stelzenlaeufer Schweiz
Bremen Lichtkunst
Bremen Lichtertreiben
Chameleon Stiltwalker
Bremen Lichtertreiben
Licht Stelzenläufer
Wallungen Hildesheim
Trampolo Certaldo
Stilts Certaldo
Chameleon Artist
Chameleons Stiltwalker
Walkact Bielefeld
Chameleons Certaldo
Stiltwalker Arduino
Chameleon Stilts
Licht Bei Hochkant
Tier Licht Walkact
Walkact Hannover

Or colorful during the day?

Hochkant Chamaeleons
Chameleon Stilts
Chameleons Stilts
Chameleon Orange
Chamaeleon Gross
Chamaelon Farbig
Big Chameleon
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