Cleaning Lady

The cleaning lady is whirling around, polishing bald heads, cleaning ears and dusting wherever it is possible. Her biggest annoyance is that fat insect that eats from everywhere and sometimes even gets food from some peculiar people. Yet, the cleaning lady is fast and scares the annoying bugs away, cleanliness has top priority!

film-hochkant-stelzenVideo Putzfrau Stelzen


Putzfrau Stelzen
Insekt Putzfrau
Putzfrau In Indien
Fliegenklatsche Walkact
Insekt Putzfrau Stelzen
Putzfrau Insekt Stelzenlaeufer
Putzfrau Walkact
Putzfrau Stelzen
Walkact Insekt Putzfrau
Gejagtes Stelzeninsekt
Insekt Putzfrau Hochkant
Jagende Putzfrau Stelzenlaeufer
Putzfrau Kind Hochkant
Putzfrau Stelzenlaeufer
Putzfrau Stelzenlaeufer
Stelzen Putzfrau Insekt
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