The incomparable dragon, fused with its companion, is impressive in his stature when he spreads his giant wings, but has got a gentle spirit.

During the day he is white but when it dawns, he becomes a constantly changing play of colors, even until his claws.
Those two feel most comfortable in the company of the Illuminated or other beings.

They are just GREAT.

Dragon Light
Dragon Show
Dragon Costume
Drache Performance
Drache Hochkant
Drache Lichtwesen Hildesheim
Dragon Stiltwalker Light
Dragon Stilts
Dragon Stiltwalker
Dragon Stilts Costume
Dragon Performance
Drache Kostuem
Drache Walkact
Drache Walk Act
Drache Stelzenlaeufer
Drache Stelzen
Drache Licht
Drache Stelzenlauf
Drache Hildesheim
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