The curious insect crawls with huge appetite through the crowd to beg for fruits, vegetables, cheese, ice cream and other delicious things. It even tries to put its head into glasses to taste the sweet drinks. Once in a while it has to take to its heels to escape the overexcited and cheeky cleaning lady with her huge fly swatter who always tries to catch it.



Fly Stiltwalker
Insekt Hochkant
Hochkant Insekt Frisst
Insekt Insect
Hochkant Echse Insekt
Insekt Putzfrau
Hochkant Eche Insekt
Insekt Stelzen
Putzfrau Insekt Stelzenlaeufer
Insect Walk Act
Insect Stiltwalker
Insekt Putzfrau Stelzen
Insekt Walkact
Fliege Hochkant
Fliege Stelzen
Fliege Stelzenlaufen
Fressendes Insekt Walkact
Gejagtes Stelzeninsekt
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