Inventor and his Wife

The inventor is a clever, lovable guy. A little bit crazy and sometimes also somewhat confused, but very child-friendly.

By the time a new idea comes to his head, a light bulb extends for a short time from his lopsided hat. He is able to measure various things with his metermeter: feelings, intentions, truth content… How much does it deflect when it’s you who press the button?

Freddy lives in the tiny house in his hand, an old milk can. Is he at home? ‘Wanna ring to check? Are the lights on?

And there is his wife, his new invention. She is so real that sometimes she takes over and controls herself. When you shake her hand, her heart starts to throb visibly in red or her skirt and updo change colors, pure transmission of energy. But she is lovely as she is, isn’t she?

As you can see, the two of them are a pretty peculiar and fascinating couple who complete each other perfectly.

video stilt walker arduino


Stelzenlaeufer Licht Arduino
Steampunk Stelzenlaeufer
Pflasterzauber Stelzenlaeufer
Mann Licht Stelzen
Arduino Stelzen
Frau Licht Rock
Stelzenlaeufer Thale
Inventor Wife
Erfinder Stelzenlaeufer
Frau Licht Stelzen
Erfinder Licht Stelzen
Stelzenläufer Zylinder
Steampunk Stelzenlaeufer
Stelzenläuferin Buchen
Barock Stelzenlaeufer
Wife Of Inventor
Erfinder Frau
Hochkant Inventor Arduino
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