Light Creature 1+2

The fifth dimension arrives on earth. Creatures from another galaxy explore humanity. With light speed they scan forms and structures, screen skin and soul, and try to find the essence of human being. Everything is new – unknown.

For humans the first contacts are also strange and exceptional. But these galactic messengers bring a great gift. People who are courageous enough to encounter them openly will feel connected and feel an intensive vibrancy flow through his or her body.

A developmental leap is possible, either in fighting or transformation…
…in any case high-light!

Hannover Walkact
Stilts Light
Led Stelzen
Stelzenlaeufer Led
Stelzenlaefer Licht
Stilts Led
Lichtgestalten Hochkant
Lichtgestalt Stelzen
Lichtgestalt Hochkant
Stelzenlaeufer Lichtgestalten
Stelzen Led
Licht Stelzen Weiss
Stelzenlaeufer Lichtgestalt
Licht Stelzen
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