The lizard sticks on trees, walls and everything else to find. It is able to remain silent and almost unseen for a long time, only to surprise you a bit later at the other end of the room, suddenly sticking out its tongue.

Reptile Walkact
Stilts Saurian
Stelzen Theater Der Nacht
Reptile Stiltwalker
Lizard Costume
Stelzen Hildesheim
Stelzenläufer Feuerwerkswettbewerb
Stelzenlaeufer Northeim
Stelzenlaeufer Mittelalter
Hochkant Eche Insekt
Akrobatik Stelzen
Hochkant Echse Insekt
Northeim Stelzen
Stelzenlaeufer Kind
Stiltwalker Reptile
Stiltwalker Saurian
Kriechtier Stelzen
Hansesail Stelzen
Hansasail 2021
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