… a stilt theatre play of 20 min. length for children and adults

On a warm summer day Pablito reads from his favourite to the elder Don Pablo, as if by magic, the small Pablocchio comes out of the story. While Pablito with the lively newcomer goes on an adventurous journey, Don Pablo tries to keep all the threads in his hands .
And so the story itself quickly takes over and sends the three and their audience on a way to the magical and uncertain .
A stilt marionette story as from the book .

video stelzenlaeufer marionette clown


Marionette Hannover
Clown Marionette
Clown Straßentheater
Marionette Buch
Theater Clown
Hochkant Stelzenkunst
Clown Stilts
Clown Stelzenläufer
Clown Walkact
Clown Marionette Pablocchio
Clown Hannover
Clown Theater
Pablocchio Pablo
Clown Walkact
Marionette Und Stelzenläufer
Pablocchio Mit Buch
Pablocchio Nico Geli
Marionette Stelzen Clown
Stelzenläufer Marionette
Walkact Street Food
Walkact Clown
Marionette Hochkant
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