Spiky Glyptochont

The spiky glyptochont is a mutation of the primeval of armadillos. With his dazzling red and shining gold you can see him from everywhere, even from far away.

Like all animals from old times he is a little bit shy around people. He sniffs cautiously with his finger snout to find out about density and condition of the world around him.

A golden-red shining eye-catcher – even at night.

Spiky Glyptochont Hochkant
Tierisch Stelzenlaeufer
Stelzen Hildesheim
Led Stelzen (1)
Echasseur Avec Lumiere
Bremer Karneval Stelzen
Stelzen Tier
Stelzenlaeufer Licht
Stelzenläufer Bremer Karneval
Stelzenlaeufer Saurier
Stiltwalker With Light
Reptil Licht
Reptile Stiltwalker
Saurian Stiltwalker

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