Tentacular Creature

…. Stones, plants and animals merge to a diverse unit. The tentacular creature stretches out its tentacles like a corral, yarns algae strings, defends itself against attackers, billows silently, goes with the flow, or pops up all of a sudden. A creature full of the magic of the deep ocean.

It is often seen along with the ocean creature, as they have known each other for a long, long time.

Tentakel Hansesail
Stilts Water
Goslar Stelzen
Stilt Walker Water
Wasser Stelzen
Stilts Led
Hansasail 21
Hansesail Stelzen
Hansasail 2021
Triangocostus Tentakelwesen
Water Artist
Tentakelwesen Stelzen
Stilts Saurian
Water Creature
Water Stilts
Northeim Stelzen
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