The Illuminated

When up to eight illuminated creatures enter the place, they discover it, curious and friendly, leaving a trail of light and wonder behind.In bright light they are white, but the first twilight brings up their true nature: during darkness they are able to transform… shining monochrome or colorful, some change their colors differently.Some have patterned balls, others go on four legs. Others swing brightly colored sticks or balls … Many things are possible!

Stiltwalker Illuminated
Licht Stelzenlaeufer
Stelzen Akrobatik
Lichtwesen Led
Illuminated Stiltwalker
Stelzen Illuminiert
Illuminated Chameleons
Stelzenlaeufer Bad Sachsa
Halloween Walkact
Light Stilts
Lichtwesen Stelzen
Stelzen Weihnachtsmarkt
Hochkant Illuminated
Stelzenläufer Mit Licht Buchen
Stelzen Ball
Stiltwalker White
Stelzen Hamburg
Fussball Walkact
Stelzen Musik
Stelzen Saxophon
Stelzen Lichtshow
Stelzen Lichtshow
Lichtwesen Halloween
Stelzenlaeufer Licht
Stelzenlaeufer Pois
Licht Stelzenkunst
Stilts Drums
Stelzen Trommeln
Stelzenläufer Performance Mit Licht
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