The triangocostus is a saurian, a reborn relic of prehistoric times that was hidden for millions of years, so we are proud to present it to our audience. It became its name because of his triangular and rip-like spike shapes (with which he can do no harm, thanks to the brilliant work of our genetic engineers).

During the day he attracts attention because of his dazzling colors and during the night you can already see him from far away because of his illuminated body.

Reptile Stiltwalker
Stelzen Triangocostus
Stelzenlaeufer Reptil
Lichtertreiben Stelzenläufer
Stelzen Saurier
Triangocostus Tentakelwesen
Lichtertreiben Bremen
Stilts Reptile
Theater Northeim
Stiltwalker Reptile
Stiltwalker Saurian
Reptil Licht
Stelzen Tier
Stelzenlaeufer Led
Licht Show
Licht Stelzen
Led Stelzen
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